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Fieldtrac tractors are produced by VST Tillers Tractors LTD, which produce more than 50,000 tractors per year and are one of the world’s largest tractor manufacturers. They work together with Mitsubishi Heavy Motors LTD. With the high-quality Fieldtrac tractors, the focus has also been on the European market since 2017.

Guaranteed quality

Your Fieldtrac is of high quality and that is guaranteed by the manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months. With the factory warranty, you have the assurance that your Fieltrac will be repaired free of charge if a material or construction fault  nevertheless occurs. You always have full warranty on your Fieldtrac, including the rotating parts (engine, gearbox and hydraulic pump). The only condition for the warranty is that your Fieldtrac has been maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Original Fieldtrac Parts

Your Fieldtrac has been designed and built to last for years. Each part meets the high Fieldtrac quality requirements. If a part breaks down, only one good advice applies: go to your Fieldtrac  dealer for a repair with original Fieldtrac parts. In this way you remain certain of optimum reliability, safety and long life.


“Today is the future you created yesterday”


As they say “Service,Self control and sacrifice are three words which must be well  understood by the person who succeeds in doing something that is of help  to the world.”

Over  a period of more than four decades  we have been able to induce ample of qualities and abilities which would crown our organization to new standards in the market .We have been rigorously contributing our bit in the generation of employment opportunities  by empowering youth and inducing highest form of self confidence in youth. This has been our aim to strengthen the organization by adapting latest technology working on different verticals with innovative ideas.Our intention is to provide the best solutions to our customers and be the only choice of our customers. Developing self sustaining economies is what has been pushing us to live to the spirit of an enterprise.


We will be the market leaders in the industry by focusing on customers, innovation and providing the best solutions.All of these elements will drive bottom line success and show that Kashmir Motors are today than they were yesterday.


About US

KM Group of Enterprises is serving the people of South – East Asia for last 45 years in various leading areas of business.

We are distributors/Channel partners of Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. an Italian company, pioneers of three wheeler.

In a short span of time we have made another milestone for our firm by taking a lead in sales of Piaggio 3-Wheeler & 4 Wheeler and all this has given us a huge potential market for commercial automobiles.

We are also sole distributors for VST-Tillers and Tractors and have a huge agriculture market in which we have a good market share. Our firm has a financially sound background with the capabilities to take up any big venture with special reference to such vehicles.

We are now in Australia to provide best solutions to our customers.