Feildtrac 270D

The compact and manoeuvrable 22 hp tractor from Fieldtrac. This sub-compact tractor with its 97cm width and short wheelbase is very manoeuvrable even in very small spaces. Versatile use for mowing, milling, transport and loading. With its 3-cylinder Mitsubishi engine extremely reliable and very economical in consumption.

Why Fieldtrac?

  • Rollbar included as standard.
  • Includes 24 months full  warranty.
  • Delivery from stock.
  • Parts available quickly.
  • Meets the CE mark and European standards (license plate ready).
  • With 3 cylinder Mitsubishi engine extremely reliable and very economical.

The state-of-the-art technology of Mitsubishi, very low weight and in built rotary find exclusive application in wet puddling, inter cultivation, spraying for all crops and horticulture requiring less than 5 feet of row width planting.

Price AUD $ 12,556 (Tractor includes Three Point Linkage, ROPS, Double Acting Spool Valve , Beacon Light Front Weights 60 kgs , E-marked Drawbar) 

Item Description

SPEC TRACThe 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) feature provides extra traction in order to pull through slippery spots or climb up an incline. The selection of drive depending on the operation can be obtained through a lever conveniently placed on the left side of the operator. These tractors are ideal for tilling, ploughing, puddling or even hydraulic booming, and can also be used with attachments like Front-end Loader, Back-hoe, Grass Cutter, Baler, Sprayer and Trailer. Due to its size and compactness, these tractors, in addition to being used in agricultural fields, are very popular in vineyards, orchards, hobby farming, cotton cultivation, inter-culture operations, horticulture and in all such places where large tractors cannot work.

Live Front Axle And Steering Four Wheel Drive is a practical choice when more traction is required. The drive to the front axle is through transmission. It can be engaged and disengaged with the help of a lever provided on the left side of the operator.

tractor with trailerfieldtrac-vst224d-5

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